How to use Prepositions of Place
Prepositions of Place

How to use Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of place can be tricky to understand. In fact; it takes lots of practice to learn how to use them correctly in a sentence.

As well as this, there are many kinds of prepositions that can be used in different situations. But one thing is for sure; prepositions are a key part of almost any sentence, therefore; it is important to know them and understand them well.

So, let’s take a look at prepositions of place, and learn how to use them!

1 - Prepositions of Place - ON

Prepositions of Place
The cat is ON the chair.

To begin with; we use on to describe objects that are;

A) Placed directly above another object and is in contact with it.

  • My Book is on the desk.
  • Harry’s dinner is on the table.
  • The Cat loves to sleep on the chair.

B) Attached to something else; for instance;

  • The Clock is on the wall.
  • There is a bee on the window.
  • My Dad placed the smoke alarm on the ceiling.

C) To talk about modes of transport;

  • It usually takes 1 hour of travelling on the train to get to work each day.
  • Susan hates travelling on the bus. It makes her feel sick.
  • We sat on the plane for many hours.

D) A particular floor, here are a few examples;

  • Nora lives on the 10th floor of the apartment.
  • You will find the bank on the 2nd floor of the shopping mall.
  • The swimming pool is on the ground floor of the building.

E) Related to TV, radio or computers, for example;

  • Dennis watches the News on TV every night.
  • I love to play games on my computer after school.
  • Carla heard her favourite singer on the radio.

F) Along a river or lake;

  • We went fishing on the lake last Sunday
  • The swans swim on the river all day.
  • The lotus flowers are floating on the pond.

2 - Prepositions of Place - AT

Prepositions of Place
They are AT a restaurant.

Next, we useat’ to tell when something is at a particular place. Here are some ways in which we can use ‘at’;

A) A specific place, for example;

  • Grace and Irene will meet at the mall on Saturday morning.
  • I saw my old teacher eating at a restaurant last weekend.
  • I got lost at the concert because there were so many people there.

B) At the table / desk / piano; for example;

  • My Mother likes me to wash my hands before I sit down at the table.
  • Jake sat down at the piano to play some music for his grandma.
  • He works at his desk from 9 am until 5 pm every day.

3 - Prepositions of Place - IN

A man in the library
A man IN the library.

Finally, we use in to talk about something that is inside of something else. Have a look at the ways we can use in;

A) To talk about rooms and the inside of buildings;

  • Adele does her homework in the kitchen every evening.
  • Barry looked for his favourite book in the library, but he could not find it.
  • The dog stays in the house at night.

B) To talk about being inside a car;

  • I put my bags of shopping in the car.
  • Sarah slept in her car when she could not get into her house.
  • My family love singing in our car when we go on trips.

C) To talk about an object being inside another object;

  • Lucy keeps her pencil in her pocket during class.
  • The meat must be kept in the fridge to stop it from going bad.
  • My rabbit was hiding in it’s box.

D) To talk about towns/cities/countries

  • I have lived in Ireland all of my life.
  • The best hamburgers that I have eaten are in New York!
  • Our hotel is located in Central London.

We hope you found these examples useful

So, did you find it easy or hard to follow these prepositions of place

Indeed, there are many more prepositions of place, however, these are the keys ones that you will use in your everyday conversation.

In other words; these three simple words can be used to talk about a huge variety of topics, so you should, therefore, try to learn them and practice using them.

As well as this; try to write down a few sentences each evening using the different prepositions of place, and in time, you won’t even have to think about which one to use; it will come naturally!

Here is a great video with examples of prepositions of place.

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