10 Reasons to Learn English with Songs
Learn English with songs

10 Reasons to Learn English with Songs

“Music is the universal language of Mankind.” This famous quote is certainly true. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you come from; North or South, East or West, Australia or Alaska; everybody loves music! But how can we learn English with songs? Well, songs form a big part of our lives.

A song can make us feel happy when we are feeling down; it can help to motivate and push us when we are at the gym, or it can help us to remember a special time in our life. It can bring us a lot of memories.

We love songs! Even if the singer is from another country, singing in a different language, at a different pace. The melody alone can make us feel good!

So how can we learn English with songs? Well, research has found that singing words or phrases in a foreign language make us twice as good at speaking that language later! So, there are lots of benefits to implementing music into your study schedule.

Here are 10 reasons to learn English with songs. Enjoy!

1 - Music is good for your mind

Learn English with songs

As mentioned above, listening to music can improve your mood and change how you think.

If you have a bad day at work, you come home, and the last thing you want to do is to start studying your English book. Instead, you should listen to a pop tune to make you feel happy again!

Or listen to some relaxing music to help you feel calm after a busy day. It is very important that you are in the right mindset before trying to study. You will be focused on your studies and not what is bothering you.

So, step 1; listen to a good tune to get you thinking in a positive way!

2 - A good song will get stuck in your head

This is what we call “an earworm”– a song that you have heard a few times and now you cannot get it out of your head!

Well, sometimes this can be annoying. However, if you listen to an English song and it gets stuck in your head, it’a great way to learn English with songs. It means that you are repeating the song’s words (lyrics) again and again.

This is good! It’s like studying words from a book over and over again so that you can remember them, except without all of that effort! You are retaining vocabulary without even knowing it.

Repetition is the key to learning any language. A song tends to repeat some of its lines a few times. As well as this, if you listen to it a few times, the lyrics will become stuck in your head and thus help you to store it in your long-term memory.

Try this: If you find that you can’t remember a word, start humming the tune of the song that it was in, and that word will probably pop right into your head again! Magic!

3 - Songs are a great source of new words, expressions, and slang

Learn English with songs and Express yourself

‘Lyrics’ are the words of a song. Listening to a song will allow a learner to hear new words that they may not have come across before. It’s the perfect way to learn English with songs.

As well as this, English songs are full of cool practical expressions that are used in the daily life of a native-speaker, but that English learners may not have heard before.

If you are listening to a song but you cannot fully understand the lyrics; you could always look up the lyrics online. There are lots of great websites that show the lyrics to songs so that you can read along as you listen to the song.

Try these two great websites to help you; ‘Genius’ or ‘LyricsMode’

You could also download an app on your phone or tablet to see the lyrics of songs. One of the best parts of listening to English songs is that you can learn slang. Slang are words or expressions that are very informal and are not considered suitable for more formal situations.

Because of this, it can be difficult for English learners to be exposed to it through traditional learning.

Listening to music is the perfect way to pick up some slang words to use in everyday conversation!

4 - Learners can be exposed to western culture

It is one thing to learn the English language from your classroom teacher and read about western culture from books, but when you learn English with songs, you can learn about Western culture too.

Listening to English songs and the expressions that they use, can help the listener to get an idea of how English-speaking people speak and think.

It can provide them with settings, occasions and also contain lots of cultural references.

5 - It helps to improve sentence structure and grammar

Learning English as all learners know, is not only about learning new words and expressions, but also about learning how to use these expressions in the right way, and how to use the correct grammar in a sentence.

Yes, this will mostly be done by simply studying hard; but, it can be tricky to practice this and get it right without continued guidance. By listening, you will learn English with songs as you can hear the correct way to structure sentences and use the grammar correctly.

It is a more fun way to learn about aspects of English learning that can normally be quite boring. Plus, you will remember the structures more easily when you hear them being sung!

6 - It helps to overcome shyness and self-consciousness

One of the main obstacles for English learners is that they are very shy or embarrassed to practice speaking in English. They are afraid of making mistakes or of people laughing at them.

To become a skilled speaker of English, you need to practice. So, by singing along to a great song, you are saying the words and sentences without even thinking!

You are focusing so much on keeping up with the pace of the song and having so much fun singing, that you will forget how scared you were to speak in the first place! Easy!

7 - You will hear English in different accents and dialects

Learn English with songs

When you are learning English in school or from your textbook, you are reading and learning in your own accent; being taught by someone who has a similar accent to you, or if you are lucky enough, you may even have a foreign teacher.

If you listen to songs in English, you will be able to hear a variety of accents and dialects; not only from English speaking countries such as the U.S, the UK or Canada but even within those places! For example, a rapper from London will sound very different than a singer from the North of England.

The more you are exposed to different accents and dialects, the better you train your ears to understand unusual accents in the future.

8 - It will train your ears

As mentioned in the previous point, listening and training your ears are really important when learning English. If you cannot understand the other person to whom you are speaking, then you cannot communicate properly!

One of the most important things for English learners is fluency; speaking like a native. And this means being able to listen like a native too and follow a natural conversation. Help yourself by listening to slower songs at first. Try to follow the lyrics and understand them.

As you improve, you can move on to faster songs. This is a great way to improve your skills for when you start to hold conversations in English.

9 - Anyone can listen to music; anytime, anywhere

Learn English with songs

This one explains itself! Think about it. You had to stay at work for longer than you expected. You will not have time to study when you get home because it will be time for bed.

Why not listen to some English songs on the bus ride home? Or even when you are getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth or taking a shower; you could play the music loud and listen to it!

Music is so easy to access nowadays that almost everyone can download it to their phone, iPod, or tablet. There is no excuse!

You could be surprised at what you could learn just by listening to a few songs while you are busy with other chores.

10 - It’s a fun escape from books

Let’s face it; sometimes the thought of studying your English textbook for hours makes you want to curl up in bed!

Yes; while studying the old-fashioned way is very important for your progress, it is also important to include less intensive activities in your study schedule so that you can keep motivated.

If you learn from books and classes all of the time, you could easily become bored. But listening to lots of music allows you to escape that, and helps you to realise why you want to learn English in the first place!

Do you agree with these reasons?

So, do you think you could fit some English music into your day?

It is such an easy activity to do; it can be done anytime, anywhere! All you need are your ears and some good music! Listening to music has been proven to help English learners learn words and phrases more quickly, as well as helping them to improve their speaking skills.

Learners can experience English culture and learn some fun expressions and slang words while they enjoy a more relaxed way of learning! Everyone likes music. So try it out, and see if your English can improve through the power of music. Have fun!

Take a look at this great video that shares 11 great songs to learn English with!

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