How to learn English through movies
Learn English through movies with popcorn

How to learn English through movies

Watching movies is an all-time favourite past time. People of all ages, nationalities, and cultures love nothing more than to sit down with a tub of popcorn and a coke and watch an exciting movie. But did you know that you can learn English through movies?

This is because watching great movies allow you to hear English dialogue in a realistic way. It shows you how to pronounce words in a particular accent, as well as showing you how to use phrases and words in the correct context. As well as this, you are able to see rich body language to go along with the expressions being used.

Plus, there are thousands of amazing movies to choose from, so you are bound to find movies to suit you!

So, here are some important points to remember when learning  English through movies;

1 - Pick a movie that you like

learn English through movies

There is no point in choosing a movie just because your grandma said that it was wonderful! Maybe for her, it was! But for you, it could be really boring!

Therefore, you should try to go for something that you are interested in. That could be comedy, horror, drama or animation; choosing one that you like is key to you finishing it and learning from it!

However, if you are worried about picking a movie that may not be interesting, you can search online for a movie and use IMDB to see how good it is. It is a great website to read reviews and it also tells you the plotline of the movie too!

2 - Pick a movie that suits your ability

learn English through movies

As well as picking a movie that interests you, you also need to try and choose one that suits your level of English.

For instance; ‘Lord of the Rings’ might look great and have amazing special effects, but let’s face it; the language used is quite difficult. Unless you are an advanced learner, you will find it very difficult to understand.

And what’s the point in wasting 3 hours for that?! Animated movies use much simpler language that is suitable for beginners, so try watching these before moving on to more difficult movies!

Have a look at this list of the top five movies to improve your English.

3 - Repetition is key to learn English through movies

Repetition is key

You will hear many great expressions and idioms when you are learning English through movies. Therefore; if you hear (and see) something that you like and think you would use, record it!

For example; have your phone next to you when you watch the movie. Pause and rewind the part of the movie that you liked, and record a short clip on your phone (including the video).

After the movie, replay those clips and repeat the phrases. Note the body language used, and the stress and intonation used. This will help you to understand how to use the words/expressions in context.

4 - Use subtitles (to start with)

learn English through movies with subtitles

If you are watching a movie for the first time, you can use the subtitles. This means that you can see the words as well as hear them.

It’s a good idea to watch a movie again so that you anticipate phrases and words in different scenes. 

However, if you watch the movie a second time; turn off the subtitles and try to follow the dialogue through listening alone.

But if it is still too difficult, turn the subtitles back on until you can follow it more easily. Then turn the subtitles off again!

Which method will you use to learn English through movies?

learn English through movies at the cinema

To finish up; these are just some of the ways to help you learn English through movies.

They are pretty straight-forward but very helpful for your learning! Plus, let’s face it; watching movies is a nice break from studying textbooks and writing essays!

So, see if you can pick a great movie that suits you!

Hopefully, you will be able to act out your favourite scenes with amazing expressions and emotions! Now go grab some popcorn!

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