Top 10 Tips on How to Learn English
How to learn English

10 Tips on How to Learn English

Do you want to know how to learn English effectively?

Do you want to speak like a native English speaker?

Well, if your answer is YES to these two questions, then you should have a look at our top 10 Tips on How to Learn English!

As well as this; we will look at the four main language skills of a language. Below are suggestions on how you can improve your English by making some small changes in your life.

Girl listening to Music to Improve her English Listening Skills

How to learn English through listening

This is the most straightforward skill to work on. That’s because it is a receptive skill. In other words; all you need to do is listen! You should try to listen actively when you listen to English. Try to understand the words and sentences. So let’s take a look at some ways to improve your English listening skills.

1 - Listen to English Music

This is a great and really fun way to improve your English listening skills. All you need to do is find the type of music that you like, and then listen to it on your way to work, at the gym or at home when you are relaxing. 

Another way to improve your English listening skills is to listen to other people reading stories. 

Here is a listening exercise to help you with your English listening practice.

2 – Watch English Movies or TV series

This is another fun way to learn English and to practice your listening skills. You can find a movie that you would like to watch and then watch the movie in English. Something to note is; if you have just started learning English, then watch the movie with subtitles (Words at the bottom of the TV).

However, if you are more advanced, then try to challenge yourself by turning off the subtitles. This will test your listening skills.

Here is a comedy show to watch with subtitles to help you improve your English listening skills.

How to learn English through reading

Read, read, read! It is very important! 

In order to improve your reading skills, you should try to read English every day.

For example, you could read English books, English short stories or English news articles. The important thing to remember is to write down the words that you don’t understand. Then, you can then find out the meaning of the word when you have time. It is an excellent way to expand your English vocabulary.

Below are some ways to improve your English reading skills.

3 – Read English Books / English Short Stories

This is a great method for learning new vocabulary and phrases that you can use in your daily English. By learning new words and phrases regularly, you will improve your English. As well as this; you expand the ways in which you can express yourself in English

An important point to remember is to read material that is suitable for your level of English. For example, It would be too difficult for a beginner student to read a Harry Potter book in English. In other words, the words and expressions used would be too advanced for a beginner student.

We have some great English E-books to help you to improve your English, as well as expand your English vocabulary.

Have a look at all our English E-Books that will help you with your English learning.

4 – Decide the purpose of your reading

In other words; ask yourself; am I reading for fun or am I reading to learn?

This will help you to decide which learning method to use. For instance, if you’re reading for pleasure/fun, then you don’t need to learn every word or every meaning. This is called extensive reading, which is for enjoyment and also to develop your reading skills.

Now, the opposite of extensive reading is intensive reading. With this method, you have to understand everything. For instance; intensive reading is for people with a specific goal or task (such as an exam or to improve their vocabulary).

It’s a good idea to practice both extensive reading and intensive reading.

Speaking English

How to learn English through speaking

English Speaking skills takes a lot of practice, therefore, it is the most important yet challenging skill to learn.
You should try to practice your speaking skills whenever and wherever you can.
For example; you could speak English to strangers, speak English to friends or family or speak English to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.
Below are some ways to improve your English speaking skills.

5 – Find someone to practice with

The fastest way to improve your English speaking skills is to practice with someone. In short, the more you speak, the quicker you will improve your English.
This can be a friend or an English teacher. A friend can help you with your English fluency whereas a teacher can help you with language accuracy.
It’s also worth noting that if you want to learn English online, we can help you with finding great online English teachers!

6 – Read Aloud

Reading out loud is a great way to improve your English speaking and English reading skills.
This method works well when you don’t have someone to practice with, as it will help you to work on your pronunciation and help you to learn new words and expressions.
This is our top recommendation because it’s so effective. In short, you get to practice all the English skills at the same time. Have a look at our Reading for Beginner Guide to help you improve your English reading skills.

7 – Record Yourself

When you record yourself speaking, you can listen to your pronunciation. Therefore, you can compare your pronunciation with a native English speaker’s pronunciation.
For instance, you could use the record app on your smartphone. This is a great way to review your mistakes and to learn how to pronounce words and sounds like a native speaker.

8 – Practice with English Movies

This method requires you to repeat after a person you are listening to on TV.
For example, play a few seconds of the movie and then try to repeat after the person. Try to copy how they speak, for example; copy their intonation (the way their voice rises and falls) as well as how they stress words and repeat again and again.
You can also record yourself first and then compare that with the person in the movie. You can practice using different accents.

How to learn English through writing

Improving your writing skills requires lots of writing practice. A great way is to pick up a pen and start writing about something. For instance, you could write about what is on your mind or something that interests you.
Keep writing without worrying about mistakes.
The more you write, the more you will improve your writing skills. You could also practice writing in a diary or you could send messages to your friends.
Here are some other ways to improve your English writing skills;

9 – Expand Your English Vocabulary

By learning more words, you will be able to use more words and phrases to express yourself in English.
A great method to expand your English vocabulary is the “Simple Sentence Method”.
Let’s say, for example, we’re learning the word exhausted.
First, we have to learn the meaning. “Exhausted” means ‘very tired’.
Next, we will use the “Simple Sentence Method” to write 3 sentences using the word “exhausted”.
For example;
  • I feel exhausted today because I did not sleep well last night.
  • My Mother was exhausted after she finished cleaning the house.
  • “You need me to work late tonight? That sounds exhausting!”
To summarize; by using this method, you will expand your vocabulary and improve your writing skills. 

10 – Chat with someone online

You could join online English groups and start chatting with people.
You could also search for language exchange groups where people want to exchanges languages.
This is a great way to meet people and to improve your English writing skills. 

Which one of these 10 tips on how to learn English is your favourite?

If you can do as many as possible, then you will improve your English language skills. 

Try to change your daily learning habits and make English part of your everyday life. 

To summarize; Speak English! Read English! Write English! and Listen to English! 

And remember that; Practice makes perfect!

More Useful Tips To Help You Improve Your English

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